Hi, Interwebs!

So this is my new blog. I’m a recent PhD student at Fielding Graduate University in the Human and Organizational development program. I have a Masters of Science in Leadership and Ethics. I’m an adjunct professor, a consultant, a writer, and a mom. I’ve decided to start tackling the really burning subject that I’m working on for my research and eventual dissertation, and I’m going to be doing some commenting and posting on my thoughts on this here blog.

I have given an enormous amount of thought to the nature of femininity as it is socially defined, and gender roles as a whole. I am particularly interested in the phenomenon of internalize misogyny, or how women uphold patriarchal values internally and impose them on other women. And to take it a little further, I’m interested in how gender can be an expression of self-experience, rather than other-perception.

I have a bunch of other blogs, some active, some not so much. If you want to see my other stuff, check the About Me page. Welcome! Respectful critical discourse is encouraged.

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